Comprehensive Financial Planning

Analysis of Multiple Financial Concerns together at a same time is termed as Comprehensive Financial Planning. It brings your perspective & gives lays a site map to systematically achieve your goals by proper management.

A Comprehensive Financial Plan can enhance the quality of life & satisfaction by reducing the uncertainties in one's future needs & resources. Specific Advantages of personal financial planning includes

  • Controlled financial affairs by avoiding excessive debt, bankruptcy & dependence on others for economic security.
  • A sense of freedom from financial worries obtained by thinking about future, anticipating expenses & achieving the personal economic goals.
  • Increased effectiveness in obtaining, using & protecting financial resources throughout the lifetime.
  • Improved personal relationships resulting from well-planned & effectively communicated financial decisions.

Investment Planning & Management

Many times there may be situations when individual have surpluses lying, waiting to be invested, but due to lack of time, not able to decide where to invest, do not know where to get it done etc..

Familiar? Many people face these problems. They need an advisor to lead them through the investment process, build an appropriate portfolio as per their needs & requirements and help them actually to invest it for them.

We have this service precisely for such people. We take into account their needs / goals, liquidity requirements, tax implications, yield, safety etc., before recommending a portfolio.

Benefit from our professional services.

Second Option Services

Many times an individual have a ready plan with him, but need to confirm, clarify or check whether its fine or it would work as per his requirements or need any kind of changes to be made in it before the actual implementation.

Second option services are thus a reconfirmation of your ready plan before the actual execution. It gives comfort to an individual by double checking his ready plan & finding on if the same is on track.

Check Twice & get the right.

Loan Debt Related Advisors

Nowadays many have variety of debts on their plate (like credit card loans, personal loans, car loans, Home & Business loans), which can be depressing - for some to mange many such loans.

Rearranging / rebalancing to a lower cost debt or repaying a part or entire amount can be done away with proper counseling on debt & cash flow statement forms an important part of planning.

Income Tax Planning

Tax Planning is one of the essential parts of your financial planning. Efficient tax planning helps you to reduce your tax liability. It is done by legitimately taking advantage of all tax exemptions, deductions rebates and allowances while ensuring that your investments are in line with your long term goals.

Tax planning is not...

  • Tax Planning is NOT tax evasion, which is illegal under Indian Laws. It involves sensible planning of your income sources and investments.
  • Tax Planning is NOT just investing your money blindly into any schemes for benefit of Section 80C.
  • Tax Planning is NOT too difficult, but one has to practice it with proper time commitment to organize their finances.

Goal Oriented Planning

Goal : It is common term used to achieve something in life. The goal that you set for yourself determines the essence of your life.

Likewise, every individual has different financial goal in his life. For Eg: Child's Higher Education, Retirement Planning, Marriage, New Big House.etc, but sometimes a single goal may be an object of stress & consternation. And here, we help our clients to plan according to their requirements to achieve their goals in their specified terms.


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